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The zone chairperson, subject to the supervision and direction of the district governor and/or region chairperson, shall be the chief administrative officer in his/her zone. His/her specific responsibilities shall be to: 
(a) Further the Purposes of this association. 
(b) Serve as chairperson of the District Governor's Advisory Committee in his/her zone and as such chairperson to call regular meetings of said committee. 
(c) Endeavor to include the District GMT Coordinator and the GLT Coordinator and the District Governor Team as special guests to a District Governor's Advisory Committee meeting to discuss needs related to membership and leadership development and how these teams and the District Governor Team may assist with membership and leadership development within the zone. 
(d) Make a report of each District Governor's Advisory Committee meeting and send copies within five (5) days thereafter to Lions Clubs International and to the district governor, District GMT Coordinator and District GLT Coordinator and region chairperson. 
(e) Promote the Club Excellence Process to the clubs within the zone and work in concert with the District GMT Coordinator, the District GLT Coordinator and the District Governor Team to implement the program within the zone. 
(f) In coordination with the District GMT Coordinator, play an active role in organizing new clubs and keep informed on the activities and well-being of all clubs in his/her zone. 
(g) In coordination with the District GLT Coordinator, play and active role in supporting leadership initiatives by informing Lions within the zone about leadership development opportunities at the zone, district, or multiple district 
(h) Represent each club in his/her zone in any problems with district, multiple district council chairperson or Lions Clubs International. 
(i) Supervise the progress of district, multiple district, and Lions Clubs International projects in his/her zone. 
(j) Endeavor to have every club within his/her zone operating under a duly adopted club constitution and by-laws. 
(k) Promote representation at international and district(sub- and multiple) conventions by at least the full quota of delegates to which clubs in his/her zone are entitled. 
(l) Visit a regular meeting of each club in his/her zone once or more during his/her term of office, reporting his/her findings to the region chairperson, particularly with respect to weaknesses he/she may have discovered (copy to district governor, district GMT coordinator and district GLT coordinator) 

see http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/common/pdfs/la4.pdf for more information