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Region Chair: Steven Chow  (ews668@hotmail.com) - L A Envision

Zone A Chair: Carol Mares (maresc2004@yahoo.com)- L A Host
L A Host |  L A International  |  L A Little Tokyo  | 
L A Envision| L A Golden 

Zone B Chair: Ginny Hsiao (ghsiao@ghlawgroup.com) - L A Global Chinese
L A Global Chinese  L A Chinatown |
 L A Chinese |
 L A Latin American Griffith Park | L A Sunrise

Zone C Chair: Miguel Cantos (migueljcantos@roadrunner.com)- LA Latin American         

Eagle Rock  L A Los Feliz   Northwest Glendale | Hollywood Entertainment | Wilshire |


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Eagle Rock

Chartered: 1938.03.04
12 Members 
Sponsor: Pasadena
President: Erica Grubert (Egru245@aol.com)
Secretary: Ursula Mora-Brown  (Baleydown9@yahoo.com)
2nd & 4th Wednesday 7:30 pm
Colombo’s Restaurant
1833 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 

L A Global Chinese

Chartered: 2010.01.21
17 Members 
Sponsor: L A American Asian
President: Brenda Tam (brenda88art@yahoo.com)
Secretary: Ginny Hsiao ( Ghsiao@gthlawgroup.com)
3rd Thursday 7:30PM
East Buffet
18061 Gale Avenue
City of Industry, CA 

L A Chinatown

Chartered: 1977.08.30
pending Members 
Sponsor: L A Host
President: Alexander Castro  (none)
Secretary: Priscilla Loo (ploo777@yahoo.com)
3rd Tuesday 7:00 pm
NBC Restaurant
404 South Atlantic Boulevard
Los Angeles CA

L A Chinese

Chartered: 1989.11.10
19 Members 
Sponsor: LA International
President: Kenneth Ho (suprkenho@yahoo.com)
Secretary: Rebecca Sui-Ping Tsang (tsang9227@gmail.com)
2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Monterey Palace Restaurant
1001 E. Garvey Avenue
Monterey Park CA 

L A Envision

Chartered: 2010.01.08
27 Members 
Sponsor: L A Chinese
President: Pak Lau (alpakk@yahoo.com)
Secretary: PDG Josephine Louie (lionjosephine@gmail.com)
2nd Thursday at 7:00 pm
Monterey Palace Restaurant
1001 E. Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 

L A Golden

Chartered: 2003.10.06
13 Members 
Sponsor: Mojave

2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm
Top Island Seafood Restaurant
740 East Valley Boulevard
Alhambra CA  

L A Griffith Park

Chartered: 1927.12.13
17 Members 
Sponsor: Glendale
President: Andy Takajian (atmus@sbcglobal.net)

1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 12:15 pm
Tam O’Shanter Inn Restaurant
2980 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

L A Host

Chartered: 1918.09.12
24 Members 
Sponsor: Lions International
President: Nancy Lucero (ladielion100@gmail.com)
Secretary: Linda Zahradka Conner (lindazahradka@gmail.com)
2nd Thursday 12:00 pm
El Centro del Pueblo
1157 Lemoyne Street
Los Angeles, CA 

4th Thursday 6:30 pm
Taix French Restaurant
1119 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 

LA Latin American

Chartered: 1993.03.3
13 Members 
Sponsor: Echo Park
President: Wilfredo Rios (wilfredorios80@gmail.com)
Secretary: Lupe Martinez (lupe@eddywireless.com)
2nd Sunday 2:00 pm
Holiday Inn
150 E. Angeleno Ave
Burbank, CA 

L A Little Tokyo

Chartered: 1974.05.07
14 Members 
Sponsor: Downey
President: Trudy Nodohara (teleport@earthlink.net)
Secretary: Trudy Nodohara (teleport@earthlink.net)
3rd Wednesday 7:00 pm
Teleport USA
225 S. Olive Street Suite 1105
Los Angeles CA 

L A Los Feliz

Chartered: 1948.02.24
14 Members 
Sponsor: Hollywood 
President: Juan Carlos Huerta (jchuerta1@yahoo.com)
Secretary: Jonathan McCormick (jm@hillhursttaxgroup.com)
2nd Friday 12:15 pm
Tropicalia Brazilian Grill
1966 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  

L A Luminous

Chartered: 2016
?? Members 
Sponsor: District 4-L1 
President: Alex Zi (alexmsy@gmail.com)
Secretary: Hiumei Yau (hiumei.yau@gmail.com)   
3rd Friday 10:30 a.m.
300 S. Garfield Ave.  Suite 104
Monterey Park, CA 

L A Sunrise

Chartered: 2016
33 Members 
Sponsor: L A Chinese 
Clara Trimino (cbtrimino@hotmail.com)
Secretary: Milagros Barajas (millie.barajas86@gmail.com)
1st Sunday 2:00 pm 
Steven's Steak & Seafood House 
5332 Stevens Place
Commerce, CA  

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Northwest Glendale

Chartered: 1956.05.16
27 Members 
Sponsor: Glendale
President: Theodore Walters (ted_walters@hotmail.com)
Secretary: PDG Ross Adams  (rossritaadams@att.net)
1st and 3rd Thursdays 12:15 p.m.
Acapulco Restaurant
722 North Pacific Boulevard
Glendale CA