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Under the general supervision of the International Board of Directors, he/she shall represent the association in his/her district. 

In addition, he/she shall be the chief administrative officer in his/her district and shall have direct supervision over the first and second vice district governor, region chairpersons, the zone chairpersons, the cabinet secretary-treasurer and such other cabinet members as may be provided for in this district constitution and by-laws. 

His/her specific responsibilities shall be to: 
(a) Oversee the Global Membership Team at the district level and administer and promote membership growth and new club development. 
(b) Oversee the Global Leadership Team at the district level and administer and promote leadership development at the club and district levels. 
(c) Promote the Lions Clubs International Foundation and all service activities of the association. 
(d) Preside, when present, over cabinet, convention and other district meetings. During any period he/she is unable to so preside, the presiding officer at any such meeting shall be the first or second vice district governor, but if he/she is not available, the district officer chosen by the attending members shall preside. 
(e) Promote harmony among the chartered Lions clubs. 
(f) Exercise such supervision and authority over cabinet officers and district committee appointees as is provided in this district constitution. 
(g) Ensure that each Lions club in the district be visited by the district governor or other district officer once every year to facilitate successful administration of the club, and that the visiting officer submit a visitation report to the International Headquarters for each visit. 
(h) Submit a current itemized statement of total district receipts and expenditures to his/her district convention or annual meeting of his/her district at a multiple district convention. 
(i) Deliver, in a timely manner, at the conclusion of his/her term in office, the general and/or financial accounts, funds and records of the district to his/her successor in office. 
(j) Report to Lions Clubs International all known violations of the use of the association’s name and emblem. 
(k) Perform such other functions and acts as shall be required of him/her by the International Board of Directors through the District Governor’s Manual and other directives. 

See more at http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/common/pdfs/la4.pdf