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June 2017

June 1: Helen Keller Day

June 2-4: Joint COG, 4-L2 Pasadena
Student Speakers Final contest

June 5: World Environment Day

June 15: Deadline for submission of pre-certified delegate forms for voting at International Convention

June 20: Deadline for 2015-16 Charter Apps

June 25-29: International Board of Directors Meeting (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

June 30: Close of the District Governor Centennial Membership Awards

June 30-July 4: 100th Lions International Convention (Chicago, Illinois, USA)



Cabinet Retreat

For the Cabinet “Retreat” – I hope all Officers can attend.  We will be talking about our roles in the District, giving time to more fully understand what our roles are and how we interact as a team.
This is for our benefit – and shall set our understanding on how we are to begin our year leading our District.  Please try to attend.  Yes, it is in Ridgecrest – here’s our first lesson for our Team………………………

The roads and highways within our District are the same length North, South, East, and West. 

Please drive to Ridgecrest for this one meeting, I will be leaving after the meeting to catch a flight to Chicago for DGE Training.

We shall discuss my District Governor Goals, sent to LCI, and go over our plan to implement those goals to the best of our ability.  We shall agree on a path together.

I want to also discuss a plan for fun events, like a day at the races, outdoor family picnic, Medieval Times, Terisita Pines weekend, family bowling, etc………………………………  events we can enjoy each others company.  Come with ideas.

I open the cabinet retreat to anyone who wishes to listen in, but be warned, this retreat is for the Cabinet and I to set a course and all discussions shall be with the Cabinet.  I cannot allow much “outside conversation” at this retreat.

Click for flyer with details

DGE Steven



July 2017



Valley Region Tentative Agenda for all Committees and possible Reporting

Greetings Members of the incoming Cabinet and Committee Chairs,
Click schedule to see a tentative schedule for our Valley Region Meeting.  This is a VERY tight schedule!  
I stress that this is a tentative schedule, and am putting this out so that everyone will have “heads up” on Reporting/Speaking/Comments.
I am leaving for Chicago, so for any comments please not only send to me directly, but also to Lion Suzanne Williams mtnlioness@att.net and PDG Ken Echeberry echeberrykd@msn.com
This most likely won’t be smoothed out until sometime in July………………
There are currently Committees that are not in the Agenda:     If as a Committee you need to have time to speak, please let me know immediately!!!
Budget and Finance
Credentials and Elections
District Directory
Eyeglass Collection and Pull Tabs
International Relations
Nominating Committee
Long Range Project and Planning
Click here to see the current make-up of the Committees and the Chair Position.  If anyone has “surprise” or other concerns I need to know immediately……………….
If by the tentative schedule a Committee listed will not have a report, other than to introduce themselves, or by way of conversation with me they have forgotten what to “say out of the gate” as far as information, let’s talk.
This is going to be “blasted out” via emails and put on the 4-L1 Website.  I hope to gather interest for Lions to attend, but shall stress this is a tentative agenda!!!!
Questions????  Best to call me at 760-977-2600, or send an email to steven.morgan@mediacombb.net.  I am off to Chicago tomorrow, June 25th………………………….. I shall be back home on July 10th, printing a final agenda (I hope)
For those who may not even know we are having a Valley Region Meeting July 14-15, see announcements below for information and forms.  Please fill out and send in immediately!
DGE Steven




Valley Region Meeting Meals

Treasurer Ric Williams needs the form “in his hands” by July 8th, the “official” drop dead date for purchasing meals for the Valley Region Meeting.  No later……………

Click flyer for the form

Last day for room reservations is June 30th, that’s it.

ID Howard Hudson will induct new Members at lunch, July 15th. Please contact DGE Steven at steven.morgan@mediacombb.net with new Member information and Sponsor information if you have a paid-up prospect ready to join your Club. 




Lions District 4-L1 Directory Advertisement and Valley Region Meeting information for July 14-15

Click for the flyer 

The District Directory Advertisement request is for any Lion, Lions Club, business, Lions Project, etc…………………….in other words it is not limited!
The goal is to raise $3,500 in advertising revenue to offset costs.  Please consider an advertisement, or share with those who might be interested.
All advertising must be able to be downloaded and resized if required to fit the space requested.
The Directory will be a larger size this year, but we should need fewer pages to offset some of the additional costs.
Please spread the word!!!
The Valley Region Meeting hotel information and the meal plan/costs is also included.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
Hotel guests shall receive free parking and a reduced buffet breakfast cost (vouchers for the breakfast will be “purchased” at the hotel front desk.
We have negotiated for 10 room nights on Friday and 20 room nights on Saturday.
We have negotiated for 60 lunches and 80 dinners, but if we have less lunches but more dinners we shall be fine.
Please make hotel reservations early, as we can receive additional rooms more easily the sooner we know we need them.
Please send a copy of the meal/reservation form to me as well.
DGE Steven Morgan







2017 USA/Canada Lions 
Leadership Forum


SEPTEMBER 21-23, 2017

as our 2017 Presenting Sponsor. Look for some exciting announcements about the partnership with Zenni Optical coming to your inbox soon.


A full day of activities that Leos won't want to miss is scheduled. Learn more or download the flyer


McCann's Medical has a complete line of scooters & other equipment available for rental. Learn more....









Official District Governor Visitation Schedule 2017-2018 


Click the link for  
Official District Governor Visitation Schedule 2017-2018



District Directory 2018 




Lions Youth Exchange Program 

The Lions Youth Exchange Program is one of Lions’ International's biggest peace programs. In order to make our goal a reality, we must find students to go on this program. We also need host families who are willing to take these students during the summer for a two week period. Without your help in promoting this program, our dream may never occur. The program is open to anyone between the ages of 15 ½ to 21 years old. It is a natural progression for all students participating in our student speaker contests and our Leos to go onto the Lions ’Youth Exchange program. The more Lions programs we can keep our children involved in, the greater our chances of them becoming Lions themselves. 

As for our Peace Poster contestants, although they are a little young for this program now, all Peace Poster committee people should relate the Youth Exchange Program to them. This is so they can “save their pennies and get excited about participating in this program. 

Please download and make as many copies as possible of the attached Youth Exchange Flyer to give out to all students you meet. 
Please also go onto our website at MD4Lions.orgclick on "Web Links for Lions", scroll down, and click on “Youth Exchange Foundation” for a better understanding of this program. 

Thank you Lion Eileen 
Youth Exchange Committee



Student Speaker Contest Notes





If, at dissolution, any of the remaining funds are going to a charitable non-profit 501©(4) organization (such as LCIF, LPCCI, Lions in Sight etc.) then the club is required to file a Form RRF-1 (http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/charities/charitable/rrf1_form.pdf)with the Registry of Charitable Trusts, a division of the Attorney General’s office. If the club hasn’t registered yet, they would need to file a form CT-1(http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/charities/charitable/ct1-form.pdf). 

 This is an annual filing with the Registry of Charitable Trusts and the RRF-1 would be filed along with a copy of the club’s Form 990. For some clubs who do not file the 990 or 990-EZ because their total receipts are less than $50,000, they would simply file the RRF-1 alone with no attachments. There is also a fee to go with this based on the gross receipts of the club though it is not significant and it is based on the level of gross receipts that are reported on the Form 990.