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Second Vice District Governor

The second vice district governor, subject to the supervision and direction of the district governor, shall be an assistant in the administration of the district, and representative of the district governor. His/her specific responsibilities shall be, but not limited, to: 
a. Further the purposes of this association; 
b. Perform such administrative duties assigned by the district governor; 
c. Perform such other functions and acts required by the International Board of Directors; 
d. Participate in the cabinet meetings, and conduct meetings in the absence of the district governor, and the first vice district governor, and participate in council meetings as appropriate; 
e. Familiarize himself/herself with the health and status of the clubs in the district, review the monthly financial report and assist the district governor and the first vice district governor in identifying and strengthening the existing and potential weak clubs;
f. Conduct club visitation, as the representative of the district governor, when requested by the district governor; 
g. Assist the district governor and first vice district governor in planning and conducting the annual district convention; 
h. Serve as the District Governor Team liaison between the District Global LeadershipTeam, working as an active member of the District Global Leadership Team along with the District Governor, First Vice District Governor and other Global Leadership Team members to establish and implement a district-wide leadership development plan; 
i. Work with the District Governor, First Vice District Governor, and the Global Membership Team to develop and implement a district-wide plan for membership growth; 
j. Work with the District LCIF Coordinator and assist the committee to achieve the goals of the year through regular distribution of LCIF information and materials to increase understanding and support of LCIF; 
k. Work with the District Information Technology Committee and assist the committee to promote the use of the association’s web site and the Internet among the clubs and members to obtain information, file reports, purchase club supplies, etc.; 
l. At the request of the district governor, supervise other district committees; 
m.Assist the district governor, first vice district governor, and the cabinet in planning of the next year, including the district budget; 
n. Familiarize himself/herself with the duties of the district governor so that, in the event of a vacancy in the offices of district governor and first vice district governor, he/she would be better prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of said offices as the acting district governor or acting vice district governor until the vacancies are filled according to these bylaws and rules of procedure adopted by the International Board of Directors. 
See more at http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/common/pdfs/la4.pdf